When you play a chord the blue and orange dots mark the finger position on the fingerboard. You can also tap a chord to play it through the speakers of the iPad.


You can add lyrics to any song. They will be displayed alongside the chords and scroll automatically over time. So you can see both, the chords and the lyrics all the time.

Compose & Search Chords

Create your own songs. If you are playing a chord on a real piano, but you don't know how it is called simply search with the included chord finder by touching the same keys you're touching on the piano.

Chords Chart

Use the chord chart to browse through all available chords that are sorted by their key note. Major, minor, augmented, suspended, it is all up to you!

Demo Video

Coldplay - The Scientist

Commodores - Easy Like Sunday Morning

Version 1.2 - Play Back Chords


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